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Account access

Visualizer CMS Access levels

Visualizer CMS has several user defined access level options. Admin user can create, modify and delete users and grant them different access options based on roles.

How to obtain username and password

Access to Visualizer CMS system is based on subscription. If you have subscribed to Visualizer Engage&Sell Visual Sales and Marketing system, but do not have access to Visualizer CMS to manage your presentations, please contact your organization’s Visualizer administrator. If you do no know who to contact, please contact Visualizer support.

How to obtain new password?

To change your password please click visit Reset Password and enter your Visualizer CMS user ID a in the box. You will recive instructions how to change the password to the email address attached to your user ID.

Login issues

Visualizer CMSsystem can be accessed here. If you cant log in to Visualizer CMS, please verify your user ID and password first and request new password if needed. In case you still cant log in please contact Visualizer Support.

Content Management

Image upload

You may upload two types of images to Visualizer CMS.

1. Full screen images – Full screen images are the main images used on presentations. These images are upladed directly to presentation and chosen category. Full screen images can be either still images of panoramas.

2. Gallery images – Gallery images are uploaded though Visualizer CMS file manager. These images must be in .jpeg format.

Content upload

Visualizer CMS features a complete HTML text editor to edit and publish image content. Visualizer CMS allows users to upload text content, images, icons, charts and integrate content from external data sources.


Videos can be integrated to Visualizer CMS from chosen video service such as Youtube, Vimeo, TVTrip or Brightcove. Videos are displayed on top of full screen images or on content slider.

Layout options

Visualizer offers several different standard layout options. Options include Sales, Marketing, Social Media and Web Gallery -versions. All Visualizer templates are fully brandable and customizable.


Visualizer presentation templates incuded three navigation bars.

1. Main navigation containing image categories, language selector and optional brand element. 2. Function navigation contains property information, map, social sharing buttons. User can create and add additional Custom buttons on this navigation. 3. Image navigation contains either image names or thumpnails allowing users to browse images on each category.

Smart Tags

Visualizer CMS utilize highly intuitive and flexible Smart Tag technology. Visualizer CMS can use two types of Smart Tags, Dynamic Smart Tag created by Visualizer CMS, and Image Smart Tag, uploaded on Visualizer CMS File Manager. Smart Tags can perform several functions such as image to image linking, opening videos, showing widgets (e.g. Reviews or Weather). Smart Tags can be positioned based on image which allows Smart Tag to move with the image ( mainly used with Panoramic Images) or Smart Tags can be positioned by the screen. In this case Smart Tag does not move however it scales with screen resolution.

Location, resort and floormaps

Visualizer CMS use Google, Bing and OpenStreetMap – mapping technology. Use can map property location on map based on address or coordinates. User can select a Map Marker from Visualizer CMS file Manager or create and uplaod own marker.

User can upload a resort and Floor maps on Visualizer CMS File Manager. This enables users to create property specific Resort and Floor maps and map spaces with images. In case of Full Screen Resort and Floor maps, image linking can be created with Smart Tags.

Tables and Charts

User can build and display different charts and tables on Visualizer presentations. Visualizer CMS allows user to define the table properties (rows and columns) and has an extensive capasity to include text, images, icons and links to tables. All tables multi lingual and fully brandable.

Localization and languages

Visualizer CMS support several languages including, Chinese Arabic, Russian, Japanese and allows users to specify at which language each version is displayed. Additional languages available upon request.


Visualizer CMS allows users to integrate content from external data sources. Such sources include videos, maps, sound, booking facilities, review widgets, weather widgets etc.

Linking guide

Visualizer presentation can be linked to any current website through several linking options and layouts. For more specific information, please contact Visualizer Support.

Image specific content

Each Full screen image has an option to include individual content, only visible when said image is viewed. There are several options to include content, text and images through HTML text editor, Smart Tags and Custom Nabigation button.

Presentation specific content

User can define content which is accessable from any Full Screen image throughout the presentation. This type of content is generally placed on Function navigation, but it can be plased on Smart Tags as well. Example of presentation specific content is location map and Sharing options.

Features & settings

Global Content Delivery

Visualizer CMS is built to deliver Visual Sales and Marketing presentations throughout the world. System allows users to manage Visual content through one central point regardless where the users are.

Visualizer CMS

Visualizer CMS features a complete HTML text editor, Dynamic Smart Tag editor and extensive integration options. Visualizer CMS is built to support sales and marketing activities by enabling uses easily copy and create personalized presentation based on customer needs.

Browser compatilility

Visualizer is built to support the most popular end devices in the world. Currently Visualizer is tested with the following OS / Browser combinations

Personal Computers:

Windows OS – Firefox, IE, Edge, Opera, Chrome

MAC OS         – Opera, Safari, Firefox

Linux              – Firefox, Opera

Mobile OS:     

APPLE iOS    – Safari

Android          – Chrome, Dolphin, Firefox, Native, Opera Mini

Windows        – Edge

Visualizer Mobile

Visualizer has an mobile optimized version which enables visuals to be used on Mobile phones. Mobile version does not include all the same features than full versions. Full version is always available to be used on Mobile phones as well.

Visualizer for Facebook

Visualizer presentation can be integrated on Facebook through Facebook API. Using Visualizer presentations on Facebook enables user to engage clients through Social Media and drive business.

Visualizer offline

Visualizer has developed an offline version which allow users to use Visualizer presenation without internet access. For more information and demo, please contact Visualizer Sales.

Password protected versions

Visualizer allows users to use password protection in case presentations included company sensitive information. Password protection is presentation specific feature.

Social sharing – Addthis

Visualizer CMS integrated with Add This sharing app. This is a default option on Visualizer presentations. Customers has an option to use own social Sharing service and account if needed. For more details, contact Visualizer support.

Social linking

Visualizer employs extensive capacities to link with social services and media. Visualizer CMS technology is built to enable image based sharing which allows user to define which image is accessed and in case of panoramic images, what is the view user sees when accessing individual image.

Tracking and analytics

Visualizer CMS system integrates with Google Analytics. Please contact Visualizer Support for further information and integration instructions.

Online Chat integration

Visualizer CMS integrates with major Online Chat Softwares. Please contact Visualizer Support for details and integration instructions.


Visualizer Engage&Sell software is located in Finland at 360Visualizer´s technical partners closed and secure hosting environment that is compliant with the Finnish Government’s Communications Regulatory Authority (Ficora) for the A-Class server equipment premises (Ficora 48A/2003, “Important areas”) requirements.

All Visualizer presentation are SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protected allowing users to integrate images and presentation to any service requiring secure messaging.

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